DIY Outreach Fundamentals

This series of short videos will help you plan, execute and evaluate your own outreach campaigns. Want to make a difference in your community and for yourself?


Outreach 101

In episode one, Daniel Prial answers the questions "What is outreach?" and "How is outreach different from marketing?" He then crashes through the absolute fundamentals of running an outreach campaign.

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Planning Outreach

Episode 2, coming Fall 2017, will reveal basic tools for planning an outreach campaign: a) how to define why you're doing outreach, b) brainstorming out-of-the-box ideas and c) logically planning and goal setting.

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Evaluating Outreach

Building on the previous episode, Evaluating Outreach will discuss the tools to evaluate the efficacy of the work you've done. Expected release will be in Winter 2018.