Hannah Grimes Startup Pitch

Our lead consultant, Daniel Prial, officially completed the Startup Lab at the Hannah Grimes Center for Entrepreneurship in Keene, NH on 17 November 2016. The program helped Prial form the skeleton for Prial Outreach Consulting and has started him on the road of the independent consultant.

In case you missed the Pitch he delivered, or if  you just want a review, here's the written version. We have to include the slides, of course.

Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen and thank you for being here. My name is Daniel Prial and I'm here to present Prial Outreach Consulting.

We at Prial Outreach Consulting believe that this recent election demonstrates how divided our societies have become and this worries us greatly. Our company is instead dedicated to interconnection. We believe that stronger communities are communities that work together to achieve more.

Prial Outreach Consulting is here to help your business or organization engage with, give back to and make stronger your community.

We help the local bakery develop an apprenticeship program, getting another hand to work the ovens while training the next generation of employees.

We help the local museum develop a new exhibit in order to raise their attendance numbers and get a community dialogue going.

We help the corporation in town get beyond putting their name on little league T-shirts and actually start a community baseball league which gets their employees more actively engaged in the community.

We help the local land trust manage their volunteer program, getting work done for them while helping community members learn new skills and find their own ways to give back.


Prial Outreach Consulting is a mission-driven business dedicated to building connections within a community. This mission is based in strategic thinking, not in cookie-cutter answers. The ultimate goal is a stronger community which can do more and succeed more because of partnerships.

Our core values are reflected in this mission: 1) Building Community Strength, 2) Strategic and Holistic Thinking, and 3) Leaving it Better than we Found It.

As Prial Outreach Consulting gets off the ground, we are going to limit ourselves to the Monadnock Region. We don't want to be the consultants driving in, making phone dates or fighting with bad Skype connections. We are part of this community,

We'll be building a network of contacts. Our network will be the backbone of everything we do and will only need to get bigger and bigger.

We'll support that network by being active in the community and by getting our own name out in social and traditional medias.

Prial Outreach Consulting will offer two general types of services.

The first will be our "extra-pair-of-hands" work model, borrowing from consultant Dave Chase. We'll come into your company, work with you to develop, implement and ultimately evaluate a program that we design together.

For organizations and businesses looking for a little more hands-off, Prial Outreach Consulting has a short-term model where we work with you to create a plan and write it up. Then, we provide any training you would need to implement it yourself.

Looking forward, Prial Outreach Consulting will be working to build its network. That means excellent service and product from day one to build a strong reputation.

Down the road, we'll be looking to take on more employees. I've been saying "we" this whole presentation, but the truth is that Prial Outreach is just me right now and just the contents of my brain. In order to stay current and innovative, we'll need to add more brains.

Ultimately, we'll try to reach beyond the Monadnock Region, while still staying local and maintaining our community feel.

And there you have it! Prial Outreach Consulting first presented live in front of a audience on 17 November 2016. Here's looking at a strong future for this new company. Stay tuned for more photos and video from the launch.